Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Haikus, Fast Food & the Journalism World.

First, a haiku, by Glen Buchholz:

Spontaneous combustion
Is really funny.

So Nikki, Dave and I are picking the magazine ("Brut!") back up and getting everything back on its feet. Our first big story is going to cover the 20+ fast food chains (Burgers, tex-mex, donuts, ice cream, etc.) in East Brunswick, Edison, Woodbridge, Milltown, Sayerville, and anywhere else nearby. We will go to each resteraunt, eat something and document our journeys. Much puking, diet vows and eating disorders will ensue. Hope for the first issue soon.

Speaking of the first issue, it's technically the third printing. Originally called "The Fiend" (now the name of the music section I run), the magazine went through a rough stage full of typos and bad book reports, then a second official printing that a few people bought, followed by a pulling, name change, and complete overhauling. Printing can be a stressful job and we all have school or some other bullshit holding us back but this will become a reality.

I hope.